U-Haul Welder in GLENDALE, Arizona


U-Haul Manufacturing PlantsGlendale Mfg CoGLENDALE , AZ


Create steel frames and undercarriage for U-Haul equipment and allied products by the use of hand or machine welding equipment. Assist in building production fixtures as needed. Maintain good housekeeping practices in the work area and comply with all safety rules and procedures.


• Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs assisted or unassisted• Steel toe boots/shoes

Work Status:

Full-Time or Moonlighter/Part-Time

Hours Needed:

(These hours may change based on business needs)

  • Sun –NA

  • Mon –5am to 1pm

  • Tue –5am to 1pm

  • Wed –5am to 1pm

  • Thu –5am to 1pm

  • Fri –5am to 1pm

  • Sat –NA