Blackstone Consulting Third Cook in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

Description/Job Summary

Experienced and capable in the preparation of soups, salads, vegetables, and all other foods (except gravies, sauces, meat, fish, poultry, and desserts requiring cooking) constituting a complete meal. Processes the skills, qualifications and dexterity to progressively and properly prepare grilled items in order to maintain serving items prepared on the grill) and deep fat fried items in order to maintain serving line continuity at specified serving rates. Third Cooks will be supervised by first and second cooks in the performance of their jobs. Third cooks will assist first and second cooks in all performance of sanitation of the facility and equipment and in all phases of food preparation and serving, including but not limited to the preparation of fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables; salads; pre-prepared pastry items; Jell-O; ice cream; beverages; breads; condiments; the preparation of meats for cooking; and other menu items.