HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Sleep Laboratory Technician - Part time -Frankfort Regional Medical Ctr in Frankfort, Kentucky

*Minimum Requirements: Education: Graduate of an accredited Respiratory Program. Licensure/Certifications CRT or RRT or RN, RPSGT Experience: 3-5 years perferred

Work Environment:

The work environment characteristics described on the Physical Demands page of this job description are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

Populations Served/Age Specific Patients:

N/A New born (birth to 6 weeks) YES Adolescent (13 to 18 years) N/A Infant (>6 weeks to 1 year) YES Adult (> 18 to 64) YES Preschool (1 to 5 years) YES Geriatric (65 and greater) YES School Age (6 to 12 years) N/A

IV. Position Summary: Responsible for keeping a daily count of supplies and notifying appropriate staff when supplies are needed. Responsible for daily department functions the polysomnographic technologist performs the specific duties and responsibilities required to organize and perform a variety of sleep diagnostic procedures. The technologist is responsible for the calibration and cleaning of equipment. The technician must possess the ability to work independently, aiding in conducting quality assessment/improvement studies, and patient support activities. Responsible for CPAP/BiPAP/ASV/AVAP titration and oxygen therapy when applicable. Responsible for troubleshooting any equipment or software malfunctions and reporting immediately to Natus tech support, the lead tech or Director when unable to resolve issues.

V. Productivity/Fiscal Responsibility: Reports to work on time and is ready to start work Utilizes appropriate resources to complete assignments within allocated time period Performs accurately and in a timely manner in periods of increased work-loads and high stress Follows through with assignments and informs Director if unable to complete tasks Employee adheres to Meal/Break policy and time clock procedures, punching in and out appropriately.

Adapts to changes in volume/acuity demands When work is complete, seeks additional tasks Supports responsible staffing decisions ( low volume, stand-by, on-call) Maintains and organizes supplies appropriately Demonstrates efforts to eliminate waste Demonstrates ability to set priorities Demonstrates problem solving ability using appropriate resources

VI. Behavioral Expectations:

Building Partnerships: Identifies opportunities to take action to build strategic relationships to help achieve goals Exchanges information with potential partners to clarify partnership benefits and potential problems Collaboratively determines the scope and expectations of the partnership so that both departments’ needs can be met Places higher priority on organization's goals than department’s goals Anticipates effects of department’s actions and decisions on partners Influences others to support partnership objectives

Building Trust: Interacts with others in a way that gives them confidence in one’s intentions and those of the organization Shares thoughts, feelings and rationale so that others understand personal positions Demonstrates honesty, keeps commitments and behaves in a consistent manner Listens to others and objectively considers others' ideas and opinions, even when they conflict with own Treats people with dignity, respect and fairness Gives proper credit to others Stands up for deserving others and their ideas even in the face of resistance

Passion for Results: Drives high standards for individual, team and organizational accomplishment Sets challenging goals and high performance standards for self and others Initiates action and moves others toward envisioned outcomes Corrals energy day-to-day to maintain momentum and a sense of urgency toward desired results Works relentlessly to overcome obstacles Is dissatisfied until results have been achieved Derives satisfaction from goal achievement and continuous improvement

Compelling Communication: Clearly and succinctly conveys information to individuals and groups Uses forceful and compelling language and tone to stimulate other’s thinking and actions Uses vivid analogies and illustrations to create mental images Uses visual aids when appropriate to enhance impact of the message Conveys messages logically, simply, succinctly and at the right pace, does not digress Checks audience’s understanding, presents messages in different ways to enhance their understanding Uses correct grammar and punctuation Uses a format and terminology appropriate to the topic and audience

Customer Focus: Demonstrates teamwork and cooperation, works well with others Serves as a resource in an effective manner to other departments as needed Identifies customer service issues Creates customer-focused practices to assure customer satisfaction Is cognizant of age specific, cultural and physical needs of customer in providing service

Title: Sleep Laboratory Technician - Part time -Frankfort Regional Medical Ctr

Location: Kentucky-Frankfort-Frankfort Regional Medical Center

Requisition ID: 00059-3526