HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Diet Aide (FNS Aide) / Food and Nutrition Services / Full Time / 36 hrs per wk / Days / Weekends rotate in Frankfort, Kentucky

Frankfort Regional Hospital

Job Description

Job Title: Food Service Aid

Department: Dietary

Position Summary: The food service aid is responsible for feeding all patients, employees, and guests of the hospital. The prepare the meal, deliver the tray and wash the dishes afterwards.


  1. Prepares and delivers food trays to hospital patients

  2. performs any combination of following duties on tray line:

A. Reads production orders on menu cards on trays to determine items to place on tray.

B. Places items, such as eating utensils, napkins, and condiments on trays.

C. Place food items, such as sandwiches, salads, soups, and beverages.

D. Apportions and places food servings on plates and trays according to diet list on menu card.

  1. Pushes carts to halls or ward kitchen.

  2. Serves trays to patients, ensure that assistance is given in setting up trays: lids off of plate and food items, and condiments or utensils open.

  3. Collects and stacks dirty dishes on cart and returns cart to kitchen. Checks all soiled utility rooms to make sure they are empty.

  4. Washes dishes and cleans work area, tables, cabinets, and ovens.

  5. Completes cleaning list daily.

  6. Stocks areas on tray-line for next meal.

  7. Collects and places garbage and trash in designated containers.

  8. Complete temperature logs for all food items, 3 compartment sink, and dish-room.

  9. May assemble and serve food items to hospital staff in cafeteria

  10. Cleans and sanitizes food service equipment before and after meal services.

  11. Operates and maintains assorted food service equipment.

  12. Performs other duties, as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:

Education: N/A

Licensure/Certifications: N/A

Experience: N/A

Title: Diet Aide (FNS Aide) / Food and Nutrition Services / Full Time / 36 hrs per wk / Days / Weekends rotate

Location: Kentucky-Frankfort-Frankfort Regional Medical Center

Requisition ID: 00059-3518