State of Michigan Student Assistant - Metro Region, Detroit TSC in Detroit, Michigan

Job Description

Under the immediate supervision of a professional, work is to be performed under well-defined guidelines and assignments are reviewed while in progress.

This position will support the efforts of the Detroit Transportation Service Group, with specific emphasis on the Operations Section by assisting the Utilities/Permits, Traffic Safety/Operations, and Maintenance unit staffs with various office and field duties including, but not limited to: field inspections, field asset identification, field inventory, inventory documentation preparation, field traffic counts, traffic safety/operations work zone reviews, work zone mobility runs, files management, data collection, attend various Operations related meetings and perform other tasks related to the support of the Operations Section management.

Position Description


Required Education and Experience


Current enrollment in at least six credit hours/semester at a post-secondary educational institution.


No specific type or amount is required.

Additional Requirements and Information

The student must provide evidence of enrollment or acceptance to an educational institution.

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Salary: $13.62 - $18.36 Hourly

Job Type: Non Career

Job Number: 5901-16-MR-76-TS

Location: Detroit, MI

Closing: 12/13/2016 5:00 PM Eastern

Department: Transportation

Agency: State of Michigan

Address: 400 South Pine Street Lansing, Michigan, 48909.

Phone: (800) 788-1766