Sykes Customer Service and Tech Support, Intuit in DeLand, Florida


QuickBooks Customer Service and Tech support.

SYKES is a National service that includes a portfolio of products that protect digital lives and strategic partnerships. We are embarking on a major cultural shift from focusing on traditional call center metrics, to delighting customers by solving their problems while demonstrating that we care. Our new vision for customer care is to create a consistently delightful customer experience through a culture of customer-centric thinking that will dramatically impact our Net Promoter Score and drive revenue growth. We are seeking individuals for our strategic partnership that have a commitment to excellence, a desire to delight customers and want to be a member of a spirited team.

The ability to anticipate customer needs and implement solid solutions derived from multiple information sources is crucial to meeting and exceeding customer service objectives and communicating accurate information. The drive to support new technology and systems, the dexterity to enlist the assistance of others, as well as the capacity to synthesize large amounts of information are surpassed only by the goal of earning customer loyalty by serving them with courtesy, timeliness, and respect.


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Critical Thinking – objective analysis and evaluation in order to form a judgement• Synthesize and use customer- or system-provided information to make sound decisions and display good judgement in their interactions• Systemically think and act while effectively using conflict resolution skills in order to troubleshoot and resolve our customers issues• Can methodically identify and eliminate causes of issues, determine an effective plan based on probing questions, active listening, and research, in order to effectively troubleshoot customer pain.• Personal Accountability – a deep desire to selflessly help and display ownership• Taking ownership when helping others, showing a deep desire to personally resolve issues• Displays deep emotional intelligence and the ability to manage themselves and others through change• Personally takes responsibility for their ongoing learning and development• Communication – effectively connecting with a diverse landscape of customers• Actively listens by seeking first to deeply understand• Build consensus from differing views by adapting communication style to benefit others• Using persuasiveness to effectively solve for short- and long-term issues• Corresponding and using proper etiquette in a fast-moving business environment• Reliance on inquiry over advocacy in order to receive and give feedback• Build Positive Relations and Partnerships – emotionally connecting and receiving trust• Build and maintain rapport using an adaptive style while assessing customer personas• Displays deep conversational empathy that is meaningful while leveraging social awareness• Leverage communication skills with a sincere desire to seek to understand• Deep sense of commitment, follow-through, and integrity• Technically Savvy – natural affinity for all things mobile, social, and software• Proficient with multiple browsers across many devices• Inquisitive searching skills and ability to go deep into solving issues or determining root cause• Avid app explorer and user• Foundational Skills – core to fit within SBG Care• Self-manages time and resources• Proficient multi-tasker across systems, tools, and device


  • High School Diploma required • Abide by a clean desk policy• Must be able to successfully pass a background test and credit check• Flexible work schedule including weekends and holidays

Job ID 2017-54799

# Positions 1

Location US-FL-DeLand

Posted Date 5/19/2017