U.S. Geological Survey Biological Science Technician GG6 CRG-2017-009 in Cle Elum, Washington

OPENS: 11/30/2016 CLOSES: 12/02/2016 JOB # CRG-2017-009 IMPORTANT - -BE SURE TO READ THE APPLICATION PACKAGE INSTRUCTIONS. Application packages missing required information or documents will not be considered. QUALIFICATIONS: To qualify for a GG-6 you need 1 year and 9 months of field experience OR 4 years of sub-professional work experience OR 4 years of college with courses related to the work of the position to be filled (equivalent to 120 semester/180 quarter hrs) plus 3 months of lab or field work experience. In addition, incumbents must have at least 12 months experience surveying barred owls. DUTIES (specific): Performs the following and similar types of routine tasks to collect field data for studies evaluating the competitive impacts of barred owls on northern spotted owls in Washington: - Under the oversight of the Lead Field Coordinator, collect field data from raptors (primarily barred owls and northern spotted owls) following specific study plans and established protocols. - Locates and identifies nocturnal birds of prey based on auditory and visual observations. - Navigate remote forest roads and terrain, primarily at night, using a compass, maps, and handheld GPS unit. - Operate a variety of field equipment necessary for performing biological studies and collecting field data, including 4-wheel drive vehicles, remote broadcasting devices, compass, data loggers, and handheld GPS units. - Communicate results and logistical details to the Field Coordinator in a clear and timely manner. - Enter data carefully into a computer database. - Organize, manage, and manipulate scientific data using computer software programs such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and ArcGIS. - Assists Lead Field Coordinator in the training of new field crews on proper protocol and techniques for collecting pertinent field data. PHYSIC