HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Genetic Counselor in Charleston, South Carolina

/Accessing critical health care services for “high risk” pregnancies is extremely important./ / /

/Fortunately, Summerville Medical Center (SMC) can link high-risk obstetric patients with the right doctor, a perinatologist, via an electronic connection. The service, called Maternal Fetal Telemedicine, expands the already outstanding care for moms and babies at SMC./


Under the direction of the MFM Physician, Office or Clinic Manager, or Supervisor the Genetic Counselor will be responsible for quality patient care and Evidence Based practice within Trident Health.


  • Demonstrate continuing professional knowledge of the principles and practices of the medical genetics and genetic counseling fields; maintain knowledge of available resources relevant to issues raised in genetic counseling

    + Interpret, understand and extrapolate research conclusions to clinical applications + Pursue continuing education necessary to maintain certification as well as to integrate and implement new genetic technologies, theories, and resources
  • Coordinate all aspects of the prenatal genetic consultation for individuals and families when there is a family history of or increased risk for birth defects or genetic conditions/coordinate genetic evaluation of neonates with birth defects or features suggestive of a genetic condition from initial referral through doctor and/or patient follow-up

    + Obtain, interpret and review pertinent medical and laboratory records and genetic information from a variety of sources prior to patient visit + Explain the genetic counseling process; elicit patient expectations, perceptions and knowledge; and establish rapport through verbal and non-verbal interaction + Assess and provide appropriate support for psychosocial issues including risk perception, support/coping mechanisms, interpersonal relationships, decision making processes and patient/family anxiety, stress or fear + Construct a completed pedigree and perform comprehensive assessment of health history and pedigree analysis for genetic and/or teratogenic risk, structuring questions for the individual case and probable diagnosis + Provide counseling regarding case management and genetic evaluation procedures; aid the genetic evaluation process + Provide accurate, appropriate and effective counseling and education regarding natural history, etiology, clinical features, inheritance patterns, treatment/care options and risk for occurrence/recurrence of a condition or birth defect; calculate risks based on pedigree analysis, inheritance patterns, epidemiological data and quantitative genetics principles + Discuss benefits, risks, and limitations of genetic screening and testing options, including associated technical, medical and psychosocial aspects, and facilitate the decision-making process in an unbiased, non-coercive manner; discuss reproductive options + Assess client understanding of and response to information and its implications to modify a counseling session as needed + Complete laboratory requisitions/online test ordering to coordinate diagnostic and screening tests through appropriate laboratories; ensure correct testing is ordered + Interpret and communicate genetic test results to patients and referring providers + Identify and evaluate patient support/education resources; provide supportive counseling and information about appropriate resources + Locate appropriate medical specialists for continuing patient care and coordinate follow-up referrals
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of formal and informal educational programs to referring providers and the community

    + Identify learning objectives appropriate for intended audience and in concordance with educational goals + Design and implement presentations tailored appropriately to a given audience + Evaluate impact and comprehension of presented material + Serve as a resource for questions, concerns, comments and suggestions from providers and community
  • Market services provided by clinical staff to maintain the current patient population and to increase referrals

    + Contribute community to the quality and development of clinical services


* A Master's Degree in genetic counseling or related field is required LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION/REGISTRATION:

* Certified or board eligible for certification as a Genetic Counselor by the American Board of Genetic Counseling or American Board of Medical Genetics is required

* An American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is required


* A minimum of 1 year experience in genetic counseling is required

Job: *Other

Title: Genetic Counselor

Location: South Carolina-Charleston-Trident Medical Center

Requisition ID: 00062-17185