Constructors Inc QA/QC Lab Technician in Carlsbad, New Mexico

Job Objectives: This job requires being responsible for the overall performance of Quality Assurance and Quality Control as it pertains to produced materials and projects for the company.

Essential Job Functions:

  • To coordinate and schedule testing.

  • To test all materials as needed for jobs, material sales, and design modifications/certifications.

  • To process and file all necessary paperwork for testing results in appropriate job files.

  • To schedule all testing form outside labs.

  • To request all necessary testing results and contact the appropriate Project Supervisor/Foreman with those results in a timely fashion.

  • To maintain necessary state/federal/organizational certifications required to sign state required gradations, submittals, and RFI responses. NM and TX.

  • To work with Prod./Maint. Supervisor on aggregate and asphalt compliance specifications.

  • To work with Project Manager on mix designs and submittals on all projects.

  • To prepare weekly timesheets for all production personnel, and turn into the office.

  • To maintain a materials database.

  • To perform the duties of Weigh Master as needed and required by State. NM and TX

  • Perform any work deemed necessary by the Supervisor/Foreman.

  • Follow all safety guidelines at all times.

Critical Demands of Job:

Occasionally: An activity or condition existing up to 1/3 of the time; Frequently: An activity or condition existing from 1/3 to 2/3 of the time; Continuous: An activity or condition existing 2/3 or more of the time. (Dictionary of Occupational Titles)

  • Standing: Frequent. Requires the ability to stand on various types of surfaces and terrain, including construction sites and mountainous terrain

  • Walking: Frequent. Requires the ability to walk on various types of surfaces, and terrain, including construction sites and mountainous terrain.

  • Lifting/Carrying: Frequent. This position classified as "Medium Work". This requires the ability to "exert up to 75 lbs of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 lbs of force frequently, and/or up to 10 lbs of force constantly to move objects.

  • Climbing: Frequent. Requires the ability to climb in and out of heavy trucks up to 5 steps, 4" width, 16" apart. Ability to climb on and off heavy equipment in awkward positions.

  • Spinal Rotation: Continuous. Requires full spinal rotation with ability to sustain position for up to 10 seconds.

  • Push/Pull: Continuous. Requires the ability to work levers of less than 10 lbs. of force, with greater than 20 lbs. of force occasionally.

  • Balance: Frequent. Requires the ability to balance self with both extremities while climbing on heavy equipment, or while working in awkward positions on en even terrain, usually while carrying tools.

  • Reaching: Frequent. Requires the ability to utilize full upper extremity range of motion to operate controls, and assist in labor tasks such as shoveling,or raking.

  • Grasping/Handling: Continuous. Requires the ability to grasp a steering wheel control, and fine motor dexterity to manipulate operator controls of various sizes(1/2-2") and shapes (cylindrical and round). Requires a gross grasp to maintain hold of long handled tools. Occasional use of vibrating tools will be encountered during control use.

  • Long Handled Tool Use: Occasional. Requires the ability to perform safe, neutral spine technique for shoveling and/or raking material weighing 25-50 lbs.

  • Vision: Continuous. Requires the ability for environmental awareness at construction site as well as good depth perception to accurately determine if surfaces are level.

  • Climate: Continuous. Requires the ability to tolerate extreme temperatures.

  • Endurance. Excellent. Requires the ability to tolerate up to 10-14 hour days;7 days a week.

  • Hearing. Occasionally. On the plant site, this position requires the ability to communicate by radio to plant operator and drivers. Communication is currently accomplished over a speakerphone. On the job site, hand signals are the predominant form of communication; therefore, hearing is not a requirement depending on the type of equipment utilized. This task is performed in conjunction to the previous demands listed.

Equipment used to perform job:

  • Clothing provided by employee: steel toe boots and leather gloves

  • Safety equipment provided by employer: safety vest, hardhat, hearing protection, safety glasses.

  • Testing equipment: screens, shakers, compactors, ovens, etc.