Honeywell Quality Lead in Bucharest, Romania

1.1 Job Overview: The Quality Manager is responsible for establishment and maintain of Quality Management System (QMS) and all of its related compliance at assigned sites. 1.2 Key Responsibilities 1.2.1 Establish and maintain QMS and ISO certificate  integrate quality management system requirements into the organization’s business process;  Ensure that processes and their interactions needed for the Quality Management System (QMS) are established, implemented and maintained.  Assume routine responsibilities of QMS: o Establish and maintain Quality Policy and Objectives  To ensure Quality Policy and Quality Objectives are established for the quality management system and are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the organization;  To ensure Quality Objectives are set by management for measuring the performance of the QMS and that these are regularly reviewed; o Coordinate QMS planning, review and conduct trending analysis  To ensure annual QMS planning, and QMS performance reviewed at planned intervals to demonstrate its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness;  To assess opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the QMS; o Quality metrics collection and analysis  Internal metric collection from department managers, analysis and maintenance of KPI’s;  Collect, analyze and report Cost of Poor Quality metrics, identify root cause and recommend improvements; o Document management and record control  To ensure that a document control process is adopted to approve, review and update all changes to critical documents within the scope of the QMS;  To ensure that records are established and maintained to provide evidence that the QMS is being followed and that there is a system in place for the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition of such records; o Risk management, continuous improvement and corrective action  Analyze data on the effectiveness of the QMS and evaluate where continuous improvements of the QMS can be made;  Coordinate continuous improvements of the QMS, ensuring that evidence is recorded and reviewed;  Host Hydrogen Technology global CAPA meeting o Quality management system awareness and training  Ensure that all new staff is inducted into the requirements of the QMS related to their own roles and responsibilities. Provide update training as necessary;  Promote the use of process approach and risk-based thinking; o Manage internal and external audits  Ensure that an internal audit program is adopted to verify that the QMS conforms to planned arrangements, QMS arrangements and is effectively implemented and maintained;  Act as liaison with the external registration body on all matters related to the external accreditation process; o Drive improvement of customer satisfaction  To ensure management undertakes periodic assessments of customer satisfaction, and improvements are identified and implemented;  Promote organizational awareness and fulfillment of customer requirements; 1.2.2 Additional responsibilities (not limited to) QA/QC  Coordinate to develop QA/QC standards and Inspection plans for Equipment engineering disciplines  Represent UOP BVBA on the company-wide QA/QC Community of Practice  Coordinate to develop QA procedures and tools  Be the focal point for internal and external quality issues in the case of escalation  Identify trends in quality issues and performs root cause analysis, report back to departments and management

1.5 Skills & Knowledge required  Possess a Six Sigma Green Belt  Have the ability to function as a change agent and challenge conventional thinking  Computer literate, good verbal and written communication skills  Strong customers focus, and dedicated to meeting or exceeding the expectations of internal and external customers.  Committed to continual improvement, willing to take strong and effective action to reduce cost, improve quality and shorten cycle time  Have the ability to motivate employees and encourage teamwork. Lead improvement teams in the organization which are working to eliminate or reduce the number of non-conformities

Job: *Engineering

Title: Quality Lead

Location: ROU-B-Bucharest

Requisition ID: 00351542