Meridian Health VASCULAR TECHNICIAN in Brick, New Jersey

Performs vascular testing procedures under the supervision of the physician(s) and practice manager. Assists physician both in office and intra-operatively during venous procedures. Operates testing devices to conduct non-invasive peripheral vascular studies; ensures that the equipment and records for these tests are properly maintained and that the necessary supplies are available.

Accreditation Participates, develops, implements, and evaluates the accreditation audit

process as designated by ICAVL.

Post Scan Procedures Develops films of acceptable quality with minimum retakes. Completes

proper forms and documents findings for physician review. Enters all results into database. Prints reports and distributes as per office policy. Completes billing sheet, clearly indicating coding of services, and enters charges into billing system (or forwards to appropriate team member to enter).

Financial Responsibilities Performs required number of scans per day to maximize utilization of

ultrasound equipment and obtain clinical results for increased quality of care. Assists in compiling monthly statistics, including referral information, and reporting data as requested.

Care Coordination Assists the physician with coordinating patient care in the office, hospital,

to referring physicians, and ancillary facilities. Ensures communication among physician, patient, and outside referral sources is accurate and timely. Assists in ordering proper tests, prevention of duplication of tests

Ultrasound Procedures Competently performs vascular ultrasound diagnostic procedures of

specified body areas by properly positioning patients; locating/scanning areas for interpretation as directed by the physicians. Recognition of and attainment of adequate standardized views, and identification of abnormal structures or findings. Study is performed to the specifications requested by physician.

Inventory Management Monitors vascular ultrasound supply inventory and equipment. Notifies

practice manager, or designee, when supplies are low. Works within parameters established for expense budget. Assists with unpacking, storing, and/or distribution of supplies upon delivery.

Equipment Maintenance Demonstrates a high level of ability to troubleshoot equipment. Maintains

ultrasound equipment by performing scheduled cleanings/tests and documents results. Acts quickly and responsibly to ensure equipment is functioning properly. Immediately contacts service personnel and notifies manager if equipment malfunctions.

Customer Service Greets patients and visitors in a prompt, courteous and helpful manner.

Smiles, making patients/visitors feel welcome and important; makes direct eye contact; responds promptly to patients' needs; monitors ultrasound appointment schedule and makes patients and team members aware of delays.

Communication Communicates in a professional, courteous manner with patients,

families, visitors, suppliers, team members, and physicians to promote high quality care and superior levels of service. Ensure that patients are treated promptly and questions and concerns are resolved timely. Adheres to standards of care and practices

Compliance Interprets, implements and enforces vascular laboratory policies and

procedures. Maintains current knowledge of CLIA, OSHA, ICAVL , and other state/government regulatory standards/ requirements. Maintains knowledge of standards in guiding all aspects of laboratory functions. Refers regularly to the pol policy manual. Wears protective equipment (gloves, eye goggles) when coming into contact with bodily secretions such as blood and urine. Ensures that the clinical environment is free from hazards that could jeopardize patient safety (e.g., broken tables, chairs, torn carpet, etc.). Reports safety hazards to practice manager. Is knowledgeable about clia and other laboratory requirements. Assists patients out of chairs, wheelchairs, onto and off exam tables following safe practices to protect patient and self. Maintains current CPR and/or BLS certification. Maintains current licensure and provides proper documentation to Practice Manager in a timely manner.

Operation Improvement Works with practice manager to develop and implement goals and

objectives for the clinical areas. Assist in the development of policies and procedures for the vascular lab. Assists the practice manager in developing, implementing and monitoring the capital and operating budget for the vascular laboratory. Acts as a resource in all areas of office operations.

Patient Intake Assists the physician(s) by performing professional nursing duties in a

safe and efficient manner. Consistently, accurately and independently prioritizes and completes nursing assignments within office guidelines. Performs the following functions, including, but not limited to: Prepares patient for examination and treatment; takes brief patient history that includes chief complaint, vital signs, and weight; assists physician with procedures, including IV procedures; provides wound care under the direction of the physician; draws blood and obtains urine specimens; administers medications and injections; provides patient instructions/education per physician's order; conducts authorized in-office

Patient Satisfaction Promotes patient satisfaction through demonstrated commitment to

providing excellent service by interacting in a friendly, helpful manner. Communicates potential patient satisfaction issues to the manager. Keeps informed regarding the practice's performance on patient satisfaction surveys and works to improve overall satisfaction.

Office Support Displays cooperative interactions with others and accepts responsibility

for what needs to get done. Cooperates with changing needs of the practice by shifting tasks as needed. Contributes to the overall effectiveness of the practice and is a team player who supports coworkers. Performs a broad range of assignments with efficiency and accuracy and in a positive manner. Manages process or procedure changes professionally and handles multiple assignments at the same

Record Maintenance Responsible for proper copying of vascular laboratory reports and images

and maintaining these reports in the office as required by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL). Ensures that patient files are kept in compliance with HIPAA and office policy for patient confidentiality. Maintains correlations of studies for the continued assessment and evaluation of quality and accuracy of studies performed within the vascular laboratory.

Continuing Education Adapts to new technology; attends vascular and nursing conferences to

promote self-education. Prior approval required.

Communication 1 Schedules patients. Proactively initiates phone calls to ensure patients

are provided with all necessary information and explains procedures to assure cooperation and optimum test results. As appropriate, informs patients of test results and care or follow up instructions. All information relayed to patients is clearly and accurately documented in the patient's chart, signed and dated. Responds to calls as per office protocol

Pre-Scan Procedures Obtains required demographic information from patient and verifies

insurance coverage prior to initiating procedure. Completes pertinent patient history and accurately records data into ultrasound equipment. Keeps exam and ultrasound rooms and equipment clean and in working order.

OR Support Assists the surgeon in the operating room, providing ultrasound guidance

pre-op/intra-op/ post-op during vascular procedures with proper usage of intraoperative ultrasound equipment and techniques. Monitors patient's venous status.

Documentation Proactively reviews chart in advance of patient intake. Completes all

authorized patient chart documentation according to standards established by the physician, in an accurate, legible and timely manner. Documentation includes: Date of service using MM/DD/YYYY format; scan results/interpretation; Full signature and date after every chart entry.

Time & Attendance Adapts work schedule to meet the needs of the practice and works

additional hours as requested to maintain adequate coverage for the practice. Clocks in and out at designated times. Makes good use of down time.

Experience: 0-2 years in a vascular lab; Previous Vascular Technologist experience strongly preferred

Current overview and knowledge of all operations with Ultrasound including diagnostic medical ultrasound systems and portables is required.

Certifications: Candidates must be registered by ARDMS (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) as a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT), CPR: American Heart Association - CPR for health care provider required

Computer Proficiency: General knowledge in one or more software, hardware, or information systems.

Job ID: 2016-18703


Shift: Day

Shift Hours: 8:00-4:30PM