Nurse Connection Staffing Inc Certified Nursing Assistants PT in Binghamton, New York

Certified Nursing Assistant - Assists nursing personnel in provision of basic care for residents and necessary unit tasks and functions in compliance with The Nurse Connection policies, and procedures, applicable health care standards and New York State Department of Health. Hours will include weekdays and weekends.

Organization -
The Certified Nurse's Aide functions as a member of the health care team under the direction of the RN or LPN and reports to the Nursing Supervisor in conformity with Agency and regulatory policy.

Qualifications -
Compassionate, mature, sympathetic and professional at all times.
Good organization and communication skills
Ability to read, write, understand and carry out directions.

Pay -
14$/hr. during the week. 15$/hr. on weekends.

Duties -
Personal care functions including:
Bathing (bed, tub, shower or sponge bath)
Skin Care
Toileting (bedpan, urinal, commode and/or toilet)
Grooming (shampoo, nail care & shaving)
Oral Hygiene (denture care)
Assist with dressing and undressing
Assists with feeding of residents.
Measuring and recording intake and output.
Weigh residents using upright, chair and bed scale.
Assists in turning and positioning of residents.
Proper transfer techniques.
Demonstrates appropriate knowledge for safe use of medical equipment (cane, crutches, walkers, Hoyer Lift, side rails, brace, splints, oxygen).
Helps keep residents' rooms clean and supplied.
Make and change beds (unoccupied and occupied).
Transports residents, supplies and equipment as needed.
Assists nurses and other personnel as needed.
Ambulate residents who require minimal assistance.
Simple, non-sterile dressings.
Perform skin assessment and notify RN of any abnormalities in skin integrity.
Applies heat or cold compresses as directed by a RN.
Answer residents calls and takes appropriate action.
Collects and labels specimens (urine, stool, sputum).
Measures and records vital signs/weights and reports variations in vital signs to RN.
Immediately reports any changes in client's condition or incidents to the Nursing Supervisor.
Participates in case conferences with other members of the healthcare team as appropriate
Maintains confidentiality in relation to all clients, healthcare staff and documentation.
Meets annual in-service requirements in accordance with Agency policy and state regulations.
Maintains and enhances skill through attending appropriate staff development training
Appearance is professional and complies with agency dress code.
Maintains a cooperative manner towards client/family and all members of the healthcare team.

Requirements -
Reference check required.
Must have: Current NYS CNA Licensure.
Six consecutive full time months of CNA experience post certification in long term care.
A health examination must be successfully completed prior to assignment to verify that he/she is free from communicable disease and physically capable of performing assigned duties.
Candidate must have current and valid NYS Certification for Nursing Assistants.
Must be at least 18 years of age.
Candidate will have the physical ability to perform job-related duties, which may require lifting, standing bending, transferring, stooping, stretching, walking, pushing and pulling.
The candidate must successfully complete any/all required pre-employment evaluation test(s) per policy.

Apply -
Please mail or fax resume to: Nurse Connection Staffing, Inc., 11 Computer Drive West, Albany, Y 12205 or apply on-line at
fax: (518) 459-6614.