Duke Energy Fossil IC&E Tech II in Belmont, North Carolina

Title: Fossil IC&E Tech II Location: North Carolina-Belmont-DE Carolinas-Allen Stm Stn (209) Job Number: 135880

The travel listed in this posting reflects potential resource sharing to the Cliffside and Marshall facilities.

This position is responsible for following approved procedures, for the start-up, shutdown, normal operations, monitoring, servicing, and maintenance of all equipment and systems at the Coal Generating Facility. Must be familiar with emergency procedures to follow during periods of abnormal operation. Accountable for knowing and adhering to all location safety procedures including red tagging and personal protective equipment. Performs maintenance of plant equipment; troubleshoots, repairs, and calibrates equipment. Position must monitor equipment performance through test, analysis, and report variances.

Responsibilities: •Perform maintenance on all powerhouse equipment, such as boilers, turbines, air compressors, fans, coal pulverizers, pumps, ash handling equipment, yard drainage system, switchyard, etc. •Perform torch cutting and welding tasks. •Bend materials, torch cut materials and make weld repairs to carbon steels and steel alloys. •Trained and knowledgeable in the safe and proper use of hand tools, power tools and miscellaneous equipment (e.g. hammers, sockets, compressors, hydraulic hose clamps, forklift, etc. •Safety equipment (harness, safety glasses/goggles, face shields, hard hats, gloves, hearing protection, respirators, controlled descent device, coveralls, rubber gloves, oxygen monitors). •Perform rigging and lifting operations. •Work safely and effectively in a team environment. •Learn basic skills in other craft areas such as mechanical, electrical & I&C. •Serve as a member of station emergency response teams, (Fire Brigade, Confined Space, Rescue, Hazmat, and First Responder). •Adhere to all station safety and environmental programs and procedures. •Ability to operate station vehicles such as forklifts, tractors and trucks.

Working Conditions: •Ability to walk, bend, stoop, kneel, push, pull, climb ladders, work in extreme heat or cold, walk/work on grating surfaces at extreme heights. •Lift up to 50 pounds. •Ability to work at heights and from suspended work platforms. •Required to work in all areas of the power plant, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; includes exposure to heat, cold, noise, dust and humidity. •Frequent overtime including weekend work and holidays. •Required to climb ladders and stairs at various heights, enter vessels or equipment with limited access, walk, stoop, lift, bend, crawl and/or squat. •May be exposed to high stress situations and required to be available for emergency response as needed. •Shift Work (Location specific) •Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Specific Requirements: •Ability to wear all required safety equipment and work in confined spaces. •Ability to pass respiratory physical and wear all personal protective equipment. •Ability to undergo training and participate in specialty team training, including Fire Brigade, Confined Space, Rescue, Hazmat & First Responder. •Ability to attend various training classes and successfully complete an employee development and qualifications program (EDQP). •Successful completion of EEI's Plant Operator Selection System (POSS) and/or Power Plant Maintenance Selection System (MASS). •Successful completion of Power Plan Physical Abilities Assessment (PAB). •Ability to work around equipment that generates electromagnetic fields (EMF). Qualifications: Basic/Required Qualifications: •High School diploma or GED •Valid driver's license

Desired Qualifications: •Two year technical degree. •3 years welding experience in boilers, welding pressure piping and structural steel. •Welding certifications. •Experience in mechanical maintenance of power plant equipment. •Working knowledge of the overall operating fundamentals and principles of generating station systems, equipment and processes. •Read & interpret welding symbols from structural steel drawings and piping isometric drawings. •Demonstrated experience or abilities in monitoring and troubleshooting equipment in fluid system operation (pumps, valves, boilers, etc.) •Experience or training in computer-controlled equipment. •Demonstrated experience working with mechanical and electrical equipment. •Demonstrated skills, attitude and ability to work safely. •Demonstrated positive work attitude, initiative and the ability to work effectively with others. •Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and work independently without the need of close supervision, but can also function well in a team environment. •Demonstrated experience or training in hazardous material spills, fire brigade and first responder. •Demonstrated leadership skills and experiences. Job: Generation