HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Laundry Technician PRN in Bedford, Texas

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES (The essential responsibilities and accountabilities of this position including interactions with other departments and outside vendors, if applicable.)

Required actions for the proper completion of your assigned duties:

  • Utilize teamwork and communication with Orders Lead and Supervisors to prevent any delays in the following processes.

  • Organize and perform general cleanup of your assigned areas.

  • Ensure you have enough carts prepped to start the work day.

  • Ensure you have the proper forms on hand.

  • Ensure you have the correct order forms for the day you are working.

  • Ensure the tie machines are working properly.

  • Complete all assigned orders prior to leaving for the day.

  • Complete the Surgery Center orders for the next morning.

  • Ensure that you pay attention to the quality of the linen you are providing the hospitals.

  • Organize and perform general cleanup of your assigned areas.

  • Notify the Orders Lead and/or Supervisor of the day of any items you will need to complete the next day’s orders.


  • Organize your work station and ensure you have enough forms to complete your assigned orders.

  • Perform general cleanup of the orders area. Ensure there is no string on the floor.

  • Ensure you have enough carts staged and ready before you start making the orders.

  • Ensure the carts are cleaned and sanitized, free of trash and debris and that they are dried properly before inserting the protective liner.

  • Organize all carts that are to be used in the order making process, including the pre staging carts beside the tie machines.

  • Ensure the tie machines are working properly. If not, inform the supervisor on duty or the first maintenance person you see.

  • Complete the days orders in order they are assigned. Do not deviate from this order unless instructed to do so by a supervisor.

  • Ensure you only send quality linen to the hospitals. Check for stains, holes, tears and the overall quality while you are loading the carts.

  • If you find any unsatisfactory linen notify the supervisor of the day immediately.

  • Ensure you load the carts in the most presentable and functional way possible. Do not over load the carts.

  • Ensure you tie the protective liners to prevent any contamination during the delivery process.

  • Ensure you complete the cart pack list, write your name and the date, then place it on the cart and secure it properly .

  • Ensure you log the cart number and the items it contains on the order’s bulk packing list.

  • Ensure that you send scrubs, microfiber, mops and rags to each hospital daily. Do not just write all scrubs. Ensure you send a copy of exactly how many and what size scrubs you sent.

  • If you do not have enough linen to complete an order, inform the supervisor on duty so they can contact the hospital and inform them of the shortage.

  • Organize your area and inform the supervisor of the day of any items that you will need to complete the next day’s orders.

  • Remember you are the last person to check the quality of the linen prior to the hospital receiving it.

  • If you feel that the linen is not acceptable for any reason, do not send it to the hospitals.

  • Ensure that you immediately inform the supervisor on duty of any linen quality issues (bad folds, wrinkles, holes, stains, tying problems etc…) so they can coordinate with maintenance and get the issue solved.

  • Teamwork and communication are the most essential aspects in the proper completion of your duties. Ensure you communicate any problems, issues or needs to the appropriate personnel.

  • If you complete your assigned orders ahead of schedule you need to help the others complete the days orders then proceed to make orders for the next work day.

    Experience (Minimumamount of specifically related experience which is required to perform the role at this level. Note in Other additional specific exp.)
    ☐ Less than 1 year ☐ 1-3 years ☒ 3-7 years ☐ 5-7 years ☐ 7-10 years ☐ More than 10 years ☐ More than 7 years ☒ Other preferred/required experience :

  • A minimum of three (3) years’ Laundry experience EDUCATION (Minimumformal academic training which typically provides the knowledge and skills necessary for successful job performance. Note in Other if experience may be substituted.)
    ☒ High School Graduate/Equivalent ☐ College Graduate Preferred ☐ College Graduate Required Undergrad ☐ College Graduate Required Graduate ☐ College Graduate Required Other

    ☒ Associate Degree/Equivalent ☐ Technical Training ☐ Other as Noted:

    SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS (Required licenses, certificates, specific skills, personal traits, e.g., RN, CPA, able to type 90 wpm, detail orientation.)

  • Ethical Conduct: Adheres to HCA Policies and Procedures: Dress Code, Code of Conduct, Infection Control, Attendance, Safety Etc.

  • Ability to learn Laundry Machinery Operations: Unimax washers, Milnor dryers, folding equipment and automatic tye machine in accordance with provided training.

  • Energy – Consistently maintaining high levels of activity or productivity; sustaining long working hours when necessary; operating with vigor, effectiveness, and determination over extended periods of time. Able to work in fast-paced environment.

  • Quality Control and Attention to Detail at all times.

  • Organization - Proactively prioritize efforts and have keen ability to multi-task.

  • Adaptability –Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.

  • Customer and Personal Service – Ability to learn principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

    PHYSICAL DEMANDS/WORKING CONDITIONS (Specific statements of physical effort required and description of work environment; e.g., prolonged sitting at a computer)

    EXPOSURE CATEGORY ☐ Category I - Indicates highest risk job classifications for occupational exposures. All employees in this job classification have occupational exposure and routinely perform tasks (exposure tasks) that, without personal protective equipment, may expose the employee to blood borne pathogens ☒ Category II - Indicates intermediate risk job classifications in which some employees have occupational exposure, depending on the task they are performing. Normally, their job tasks do not involve the exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials but occasionally they may be required to perform an exposure task as a condition of employment. ☐ Category III - Indicates no risk job classification in which all employees have no occupational risk.

    PHYSICAL DEMANDS: ☐ Sedentary Work: Lifting 10 lbs. maximum and occasionally lifting and/or carrying articles ☐ Light Work: Lifting 20 lbs. maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 10 lbs. ☐ Medium Work: Lifting 50 lbs. maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 lbs. ☒ Heavy Work: Lifting 100 lbs. maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 50 lbs. ☒ Very Heavy: Push/Pull cart weighing up to / in excess of 650 lbs. with frequent

    Works in an office environment and may involve periods of prolonged sitting at a computer Typical work hours can vary depending on workload and deliverables

Title: Laundry Technician PRN

Location: Texas-Bedford-DFW Support Services

Requisition ID: 09375-84582