HCA, Hospital Corporation of America PCT II Float Pool - PRN in Austin, Texas

Position Summary: The Patient Care Technician performs a variety of basic care services related to activities of daily living under the direct supervision of a registered nurse (RN) and/or licensed vocational nurse (LVN). The Patient Care Technician assists the nursing staff in providing patient care according to hospital policies and procedures. The Patient Care Technician accepts assignments on other units when necessary. The Patient Care Technician assists in maintaining a clean, well organized and adequately stocked patient care unit.

Employee's conduct must reflect the Company's values and a commitment to the Code of Conduct ethics and compliance program. Acts with honesty and integrity. Treats colleagues, customers, patients and families with respect, loyalty and dignity. Roles may differ on specific units or facilities based upon needs of department. Participates in providing patient specific care standards as directed, and follows service excellence standards to ensure high levels of patient satisfaction.


    1. Performs patient care:

    § Participates in providing direct care as directed, according to standards

    § Can work with people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds

    § Communicates all findings in the correct/concise/clear written and or verbal format

    § Can recognize abnormal findings i.e. VS, Skin changes, I&O, etc. and report findings to the nurse

    § Can recognize and respond appropriately in an emergency situation

    § Applies knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span to identify patient and family requirements relative to age-specific needs

    § Functions as a sitter, when appropriate

    § Can perform skills to support direct care

    § Can organize, set priorities and manage multiple priorities

    § Can adjust to a rapidly changing work environment

    § Can maintain a clean, well organized and adequately stocked patient care area

    § Maintains equipment in good working order

    § Submits requests for repair appropriately

    § Uses and charges supplies appropriately

    § Can input physician orders, as appropriate

    § Can operate the patient call system

    § Answers and transfers phone calls. Break down and/or copies charts/forms as needed

    § Acts as preceptor for new, floating and cross-training PCT’s

    § Have knowledge of limited role of medication security, handling, storage and transport of non-narcotic medications under the approval and direction of a supervisor

    1. Technical skills:

    § Phlebotomy for lab specimens, blood cultures

    § Foley catheter care and removal.

    § Nasal swabs

    § Assists with surgical aseptic/sterile procedures maintaining sterile/aseptic technique

    § Assist with set up of equipment as needed

    § Application and adjustment of CPM & SCM, TED hoses; application of Buck’s traction

    § Set up for Telemetry, monitoring EKG rhythm strips, obtain 12 lead EKG

    § Orthopedic splinting

    § Emergency: participates CPR and Dr. Leo, crash cart and pediatric equipment location

    § Assist with postmortem care

    § Documents patient data in documentation system

    § Cross- trained to unit secretarial duties

  1. Sitting Duties, as appropriate (for suicidal**and non-suicidal patients)

    § Maintains visual contact with the patient at all times*.

    § Never leaves the patient unattended even when patient has visitors. Sitter must remain Never leaves patient in bathroom alone, especially suicidal patients*.

    § Patient may not leave the floor except for diagnostic procedures and will be accompanied by the sitter at all times*.

    § Checks the patient room for unsafe items such as razor blades, matches, cigarette lighters, glass receptacles, metal eating utensils, etc, at the beginning of each shift and after any visitors have been present*.

    § Collects meal utensils after each meal and removes from room*.

    § Communicates patient behavior or statements referencing harm to nurse*.

    § Uses the call light or phone for any assistance. Pulls the call light out of the socket or uses emergency call light in an emergency*

    § Documents observations at least every 15 minutes or more often if heightened observation level*.

  2. Participates in the plan of care:

    § Is familiar with the plan of care

    § Can follow instructions for the care performed

    § Communicates to the nurse any data appropriate to the plan of care

    § Provides meaningful input to the evaluation § Communicates information to RN for evaluation of patient care

  3. Maintains current professional knowledge and skills in accordance with established methods of the department:

    § Attends 80% of staff meetings

    § Attends 100% of mandatory meetings and in - services

    § Demonstrates initiative in independent study and maintains specialty certifications

    § Participates in department PI activities

    § Utilizes the “must haves” 100% of the time including ADIET, assisting with

    § Patient marker board, assisting with rounding on patient and providing k ey information to staff for report**

    1. Other duties as assigned.
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: *

    Must be able to demonstrate understanding of HCA’s and St. David’s “Patients First” safety initiative by strict compliance to all safety protocols and procedures. Adheres to isolation policies and procedures. Utilizes universal precautions at all times.

Works autonomously and with supervision. Interfaces with the public, physicians, staff, patients and administration and ancillary/support department representative. Maintains confidentiality of patients medical records. Regular and predictable attendance is required.

  • Education and Experience:
    • Required: § High School Diploma or equivalent or proof of higher level of education required if hired after September 2010 § Successful completion of week one PCT Intensive Training upon hire. § Completion of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)or, EMT certification,orminimumof first year nursing studentorminimum of one year PCT experienceorsuccessful completion of two week PCT Intensive Training

Preferred: Previous experience as a PCT II, CNA, or second year nursing student, including acute care hospital experience and specific experience in the clinical services provided by the unit.


Required: BLS certification as per SDH policy

Preferred: CNA, MA, (EMT certification for ED/ICU)

Title: PCT II Float Pool - PRN

Location: Texas-Austin-North Austin Medical Center

Requisition ID: INT-08224-48459