HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Manager, Employee Health and Safety Registered Nurse in Austin, Texas


The Employee Health and safety Nurse implements , executes and manages the comprehensive Employee Health & Safety Program at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center; which is designed to promote and manage employee wellness, maintain productivity, decrease absenteeism and promote cost containment through development, review and revision of employee health policies, procedures and practices. Participates in providing specific care standards as directed, and follows service excellence standards to ensure high levels of satisfaction.


Responsible for all aspects of Injury Coordination/Case Management including but not limited to:

  • Have special knowledge of workplace hazards and the relationship to the employee health status.

  • Provide Immunizations to employees as required by OSHA, CDC, Joint Commission, and other regulatory agencies

  • Observation, assessment, and management of both the worker and the work environment for safety and injury prevention

  • Advising and ensuring compliance with safety regulations

  • Employee orientation, development, and training

  • Employment and compliance to regulatory concerns

  • Policy development and documentation management

  • Oversees the implementation of Employee Health & Safety program

  • Approves and denies employee injury/occurrence claims based on the Employee Health and Safety Program requirements.

  • Establishes departmental measurements that support the accomplishment of the Employee Health program goals

  • Develops and administers programs, procedures, and guidelines to helpalign the workforce with the strategic goalsto manage employee health and safety

  • Participates in executive, management, and company staff meetings and attends other meetings and seminars.

  • Authorizes, reviews, and completes all injury reports and obtains confirmation number and manages active exposures/ occurrences

  • Facilitates and takes appropriate action on all injuries and near misses as presented through the Environment of Care Committee.

  • Coordinates and directs all appointments for follow up care, attends appointments with injured employees as needed.

  • Coordinates and works collaboratively with St. David’s OHS clinic

  • Provides counseling/support regarding injuries to appropriate parties.

  • Educate employees and managers on timekeeping as appropriate

  • Leads the employee Safety team and coordinates all components of the Risk reduction Program and Model safety and Security program

  • Directs employees with identifiable limits and/or health risks to appropriate resources and determines placement of light duty employees

  • Create and maintain the Employee Health & Safety Intranet Site

  • Leads health promotion incentives and offers educational materials

  • Conducts surveillance and follow-up of employee exposures to communicable diseases.

  • Trends employee illnesses/injuries to identify safety and health issues

  • Participates as an active member in the Infection Control Committee

  • Conducts new hire employee orientation for employee health

  • Create, maintain, and disperse the monthly Employee Health & Safety Newsletter

  • Provides initial assessment of employee injuries an assures the proper referrals are made

  • Maintains and manages all employee health files

  • Assigns and directs light duty employee assignments

  • Provides continuous education to increase health and safety awareness at all levels within the organization;

  • Investigate and report on all personal injury accidents occurring to staff to the appropriate senior official and directs the investigation of all accidents/incidents

  • Investigate and report on complaints of hazardous working conditions to the Environment of Care Committee and/or other appropriate senior staff

  • Respond to employees’ safety concerns, addresses the concern with senior staff, and ensures appropriate actions are taken to correct the concern is required

  • Acts as liaison with all related governmental bodies and regulating agencies to manage employee wellness

  • Conduct regular safety audits and inspection to ensure federal and state laws are adhered to

  • Coordinate between different departments and implement safety strategies based on root cause analysis

  • Responsible for planning and implementing measures to ensure work hazards are reduced

  • Conducts meetings with supervisors and other staff to lead them to safety norms that need to be followed

  • Inspecting the workplaces to ensure workers are being provided a risk-free atmosphere. This includes checking materials, equipment, tools

  • Manages and coordinates the medical plan for injured employees including but not limited to scheduling all physical, prescription authorization, physical therapy, required medical testing, and follow-up appointments.

  • Oversees billing and payment process with Broadspire for employee injury related claims

  • Leads other departments to safety and wellness by enforcing safety regulations educating/ following up with departments found to be violating the guidelines

  • Provide first aid and treatment through the RN scope of practice including: Interpretation and evaluation of the worker's medical and occupational history, subjective complaints, and physical examination, along with any laboratory values or other diagnostic screening tests, industrial hygiene and personal exposure monitoring values to determine plan of care for injured or exposed employees and manage care of injured staff

  • Manages and maintains all logs, reports and communicates as required:

  • OSHA log

  • Needles stick/BFE logs

  • Safety/Injury reports, monthly

  • Reviews and reports as necessary the corporate monthly and quarterly reports

  • Joint commission Standards

  • Employee Health statistics and trending to Infection Prevention and Environment of Care

  • Manages and coordinates programs directed by APIC, OSHA, CDC, Joint Commission, EPA

    o Respiratory Mask Fit

    o Seasonal Flu

    o Immunization Program

    o TB Exposure follow up and annual testing per protocol

  • Serves as a certified alternate to the Safety Officer when required.

  • Complying with current health and safety legislation and/or regulations with the objective of ensuring that all reasonable and proper measures are taken to protect the safety and health of staff and visitors

  • To conduct and lead, as necessary, the safety inspection of any department within the facility;

  • To respond to fires and other emergencies on or about the property;

  • To coordinate registration and removal of hazardous waste;

  • To arrange and direct Occupational Health and Safety testing and/or evaluations of the workplace by external agencies/consultants as may be necessary;

  • Delegate duties and supervise adherence to health and fire codes making sure that safe work environments is maintained

  • Have knowledge of toxicology and epidemiology as related to the employee and the work site.


Must be able to demonstrate understanding of national patient safety initiatives by strict compliance to all safety protocols and procedures as required by both HCA and St. David’s North Austin Medical Center.

Required: Broad knowledge and experience in Occupational Health & Safety. Excellent assessment, communication and organizational skills. Excellent computer skills. Demonstrates ability to think critically, analyze hazards, and direct departments on safety measures and injury prevention strategies. General knowledge of OSHA regulations, injury prevention and treatment.

Preferred: Experience with Meditech


Required: Graduate from an accredited nursing program or current enrollment in an Alternative Entry MSN program; Minimum of four years experience in an RN role with at least one year experience in an acute care setting.

Preferred: Bachelor’s or higher level degree Degree; Certification of Occupational Health Nurse (COHN) through the American Board for Occupational Health Nurses (ABOHN)


Required: Texas RN License or a Compact RN license from a NCLA Compact State; BCLS Certification

Preferred: ACLS Certification

Title: Manager, Employee Health and Safety Registered Nurse

Location: Texas-Austin-North Austin Medical Center

Requisition ID: 08224-47099